Online Payroll Management or E-Payroll Software is a saas model application that renders efficient and cost effective HR Management Solutions for supervising employees records by cutting cost and time. It is developed for small and midsized companies where HR's can organize reports that includes all HR Functions .Using Human Resource Application HR's can administer and manage their employees,departments,designations,attendance reports and payscale margins. This HR Application comprises all payroll functions, where companies can find assorted hr services.

E-Payroll Software (Online HR Application) is Developed and Designed to provide accurate and flawless hr solutions for Companies .This is the Only Comprehensive Application that aid in assessing employee records and stay updated. Start using Distinct Online Payroll Management & HR Application and Preserve data of your company and employees. E-Payroll Application helps in conserving data and in getting employees reports at any instant of time.

Features & Compliance

  • Payroll : Now Companies can create their own hr profiles by maintaining and managing reports of attendance,profile,salary margins of Employee

  • Attendance : Get Employees Attendance Report and Number of Working days.

  • Leaves : Manage Leaves ,Latemarks and Hourly permissions. Check Alloted Leaves,Paid Leaves and Balance Leaves of Employees. Add Late Marks and Hourly Permissions.

  • Generate Payslips : One Click link Saves your Time by getting automated employees payslips.

  • Employees : Easy and Efficient process for Employees to Apply leave and login/out attendance from workstation.

  • Time : Save your efforts and time with an easy access of our application

  • Online Management : Get Active Status of Current Employees and Previous Employers Records.

  • Performance : Employee Conduct,Behavior and Discipline Marks.

Benefits of using this application

  • Saves Time and Efforts

  • Get Employees Reports at Any Time

  • Comprehensible Application

  • Online Leave Approvals

  • Maintain Online Records of your Employees and Departments

  • Create Employee profile and start getting in/out timings and leave details

  • HR and Employee Friendly Application

  • Generate Automatic Payslips

  • Alloted Leaves and Check Balance Leaves of Employees.

  • You can Upload records of previous employers at your company

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